Year 3/4F 2018 - 2019

Mrs Farrell

2018 - 2019




After hearing speeches from over 10 members of the class to be elected school councillors, Mollyanne Davies and Matthew Hamilton were chosen in a secret ballot vote by class 3/4F.

Well done councillors!!

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Alice McWilliam - Y3

Layla Dougan - Y3

Jason Winward- Y4

Victoria Moszumanska- Y4

Joshua Coutts-Ferguson- Y4

Mollyanne Davies- Y4

Millie Strange- Y4

Luke Halpin- Y4

Layla Lee - Y4

Conall Quinn - Y4

Ben Kielty - Y4

Jamie Evans - Y4

Frankie Williams - Y3

Georgia Sinnott - Y3

Eda Altunel - Y4


COLLECTIVE WORSHIP THIS WEEK - Wednesday 31st October 2018

Focus from Wednesday Word - LOVE

In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus reminds us that our love for God is also made known through the way that we love others. God wants is to love eachother with just as much love as we have for ourselves.

How will you show your love for God and eachother this week?


'If we love God and our brothers and sisters, we walk in the light'

Pope Francis


This week we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. We will be going to mass together on Thursday at St.Thomas' Church to celebrate as a school community.


Dear Lord Jesus

Help us to LOVE one another as we LOVE ourselves. Please help us to see that other people have needs too, and to LOVE you through LOVING them.



Come and See

In the Autumn term we will be looking at the following;

-150 year anniversairy of St.Thomas' Church

-Juadism - other faith study

- Called - How are we called?


No Outsiders in Our School

We are following this programme of study as part of our Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)


Autumn 1 - Dogs Don't do Ballet!

This book will help us learn all about what assertiveness is.

We will look at the following questions;

  • What does being assertive mean?
  • Is it difficult to stand up for yourself if everyone around you is telling you that you are wrong?
  • Is it easier just to do the things people tell you to, in order to fit in?
  • Why do some people fit in without speaking out even if they dont like something?
  • What is the right thing to do?
  • Hoe can we make sure in our school that people are allowed to be who they are, without worrying about being different?



We walked about the book and how it makes us feel. We answered the questions and tried to think in groups what the book teaches us. This is what we came up with;

  • Don’t judge others before you get to know them.
  • Believe in people
  • If you don’t know someone, don’t say anything that is critical and may upset them. If you do know them, you will be able to explain clearly what you mean.
  • Never tell someone that you can’t do something.

Autumn 2 - King and King

This book will help us to understand why people choose to get married.

We will look at the following questions;

What does the UK law say about marriage?

How did it change in 2013?


From our discussions we know that in 2013 a law in the UK was passed by the government to say that a man could marry a man, and that a woman could marry a woman. However, we know that some religions do not agree and think marriage is only for a man and woman. We talked about at our school we accept other people for who they are. It doesn’t matter what skin colour you have, what religion you are, or if you are gay or not. We welcome all and thank God for our differences.




Due to be handed in each Thursday fully completed - this will be marked and returned to you with new homework each Friday.


Weekly spelling test on a Friday These are taken from the 109 key words for year 3 and 4 from the national curriculum. 


A full PE kit is required in school daily. These will be sent home each half term for a freshen up!

If they are used for an after school club, please ensure the kit is returned to school the next day.





As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at school if you need to talk about anything or have a query to discuss.

Mrs Farrell

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