Year 2P 2017 - 2018

Miss Plunkett

Welcome to 2P - Miss Plunkett's Class.

(Covering for Mrs Claro's maternity)



Mrs. Devey and Miss Plunkett

'We Love, Learn and Live like Jesus'

Spring Term 2017:

We are so proud of all our Year 2 children, they have settled in well and are very enthusiastic!

Below you will find some information as to what we will be studying this term. I hope it helps.

R.E: During this term we will be looking at Beginnings Now that we have established the Collective worship planning, this term we will give the children the opportunity to plan at home. The child will then have the opportunity to lead this act of worship the following day.

More details to follow.


Writing: We are starting an exciting new curriculum which includes a variety of picture books from a range of authors such as John Burningham and Julia Donaldson. We have started looking at a book called ‘Would you rather’ by John Burningham and the children have really enjoyed the text so far. The children have been working on making their writing interesting using adjectives, alliteration, simile sentences and wow words and they created their own version of the book. The books they made were fantastic and they all made a great start to year two! Throughout the year the children will be writing stories, letters, instructions, non-chronological reports and much more.

To help your child at home if you could spare a little time to focus on letter formation and talk about writing and what your child needs to be a good writer -Capital Letters, Full stops, Finger spaces, Check and Think about our work- No need to rush ahead.


Reading: We plan to change the reading books every Friday. The children can keep their books for the whole week.We recommend you read a few pages every night. If there is ever a problem regarding reading books, please do come and speak to us. When reading with your child it would be a great help if you could stop and ask questions throughout and at the end.

We are also planning to send a story bag home, this will contain a book and some props from the story. This is for you to read together and each book will have different ideas your child as a follow up activity.

Maths This term our main focus is number and place value. We will be doing lots of counting in 2’s/5’s/ 10’s. ( NB starting at different number e.g 21+ 5+ 5 etc)  We will berecalling  addition facts for each number to 20.  Adding tens to a multiple of tens eg 40 + 4 tens Using number facts to 10 and knowledge of place value to add multiples of 10. e.g 7+3= 10, 70+30=100 

Science: During this term we will explore the topic, ‘Living Things and their habitats ’ Our trip to the Safari Park will really bring this topic to life. After half term we will be looking at  Materials. We will identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses

Foundation Subjects

P.E: PE will take place every Tuesday and we will cover gymnastics in the hall on a Thursday. As the cold weather creeps in please remember the children can bring in tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

History: For History the children will be looking at Lives of significant individuals.

Music: We use a scheme called Charanga.

Computing: Each week the children will have a chance to use a range of technology such as: Ipads and Laptops. Children will learn to use the internet safely to research and find facts that we can use in our other subjects such as writing and history.

Art: Mrs Lennon will be teaching the children every Monday afternoon in Mrs Devey’s class and Wednesday afternoon in Miss Plunkett’s class. We will be linking to this to animal prints, patterns and collage.

Homework: Please read as much as possible at home, when reading it would be beneficial to stop and ask questions throughout and at the end of the book. Please ensure books are in daily. This term children will receive writing and math's homework in a file. As I am aware many parents work shifts or children attend out of school clubs this file will be given out at the beginning of every half term for you to work through when the time fits around your busy schedules. Once your child has completed a sheet they can put it in our homework tray in class. Top Tip: At the front of your child’s reading record book there are spellings that children need to know in Year 2. Going over a 4/ 5 of these a night would really benefit your child in their independent writing.


Dates for your diary:

  • Christmas Play Performance - 12th December Doors open at 2:15pm play starts at 2:30pm


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