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'We Love, Learn and Live like Jesus'

Mrs. Devey and Miss Plunkett

'We Love, Learn and Live like Jesus'

Spring Term 2018:

Welcome back to Spring Term 2018. We are looking forward to a busy and happy term.

Below you will find some information as to what we will be studying this term. We hope it helps.

R.E: During this term we will be looking at ‘Books’ We will be having a special Book Afternoon, we will ask the children to bring in their favourite book from home and do a short presentation about their book.  Now that we have established the Collective worship planning, this term we will give the children the opportunity to plan at home. The child will then have the opportunity to lead this act of worship the following day.

More details to follow.


Writing: This term, we will continue to develop our writing skills and are placing a big emphasis on using conjunctions to signal time: then, after, before, later, finally, meanwhile

Grammar Focus- using present and past tense mostly correctly and consistently.

Please do send in any writing your child does at home e.g a recount of a day out, match reports, stories. etc.

Our first stimulus for writing comes from a Classic Poem – The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. The children have already been keen to recite the poem. We have been so impressed at their lively deliveries! We hopefully will upload some video clips for you to view.

Following this we will be reading Here Come the Aliens by Colin McNaughton. This is a great book and we have so many writing activities based around it. We hope to write our own rhyming couplets, plan and write a poem about aliens, write a description of a setting

Plan and write our own ‘alien adventure’

Reading: We plan to change the reading books every Friday. The children can keep their books for the whole week. We recommend you read a few pages every night. If there is ever a problem regarding reading books, please do come and speak to us. When reading with your child it would be a great help if you could stop and ask questions throughout and at the end.

In addition we will be sending some reading comprehensions home for homework.

Maths This term we are looking at problem solving with money. eg. How can you make 55p using all the same coins, what is the fewest coins you can use to make this amount etc.

Following this we will be moving onto multiplication. Please keep practising counting in 2’s, 3’s 5’s and 10’s at home

Science: During this term we will explore the topic, Animals, including humans. In this topic we discuss that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults. We find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air)

We also examine the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene. We plan to have a ‘Healthy Hero’ afternoon, where we will take part in some physical challenges, sample yoga and make delicious smoothies.

Foundation Subjects

P.E: PE will take place every Tuesday and we will cover gymnastics in the hall on a Thursday. As the cold weather creeps in please remember the children can bring in tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

History: In History the children will be looking at Neil Armstrong. (linked to Literacy and ICT)

Music: We use a scheme called Charanga which covers all the National Curriculum objectives for Year Two.

Computing: Each week the children will have a chance to use a range of technology such as: Ipads and Laptops. Children will learn how to make a simple powerpoint. We will link this into our Space Theme.  

Art: Mrs Lennon will be teaching the children every Monday afternoon in Mrs Devey’s class and Wednesday afternoon in Miss Plunkett’s class.  This term Mrs Lennon will  develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space

Homework: Please read as much as possible at home, when reading it would be beneficial to stop and ask questions throughout and at the end of the book. Please ensure books are in daily. As we explained at the Autumn Meeting, this term your child will receive more ’formal’ work at home to complete. We will give this out on a Friday. We understand that some weekends are busy, so we will allow up to a Tuesday Morning. Please fill in the parent comment box, when you can. Also if there are any problems do come in and see us. We want these tasks to be a positive experience. Top Tip: At the front of your child’s reading record book there are spellings that children need to know in Year 2. Going over a 4/ 5 of these a night would really benefit your child in their independent writing.

Dates for your diary: We are planning to hold a Meeting informing everyone about SAT’s after half term.

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