Year 1K 2017 - 2018

Miss Kent

Welcome to year 1K -Miss Kent's class

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'We Love, Learn and Live like Jesus'

Welcome back to a new school year. The Year 1 Team would like to start by thanking you for sending your smart, happy and excited children into school at the beginning of term. We have spent a few days getting to know the children and allowing them to familiarise themselves with our school Mission Statement. Here is a brief outline of our curriculum for this term and how you can continue to support your child at home.


This term your child will begin to recognise place value in numbers beyond 20 by reading, writing, counting and comparing numbers up to 100. (Please note that counting back is a skill the children need to practise just as much as counting on.) They will recognise and create repeating patterns with objects and with shapes. They will also be given a number and be asked to identify 1 more and 1 less. They will move onto recognising odd and even numbers as well as counting in twos, fives and tens. You can help your child recognise numbers and shapes by working with them to find as many numbers and shapes in the environment. Playing games such as Snakes and Ladders or Pairs will also help. Singing counting songs e.g. Ten Green Bottles.


Our first topic is called 'Ourselves'. The children will be creating self portraits and learning about families and themselves during this first topic. They will share family photographs and use these to help them write their own book on their family. This is linked to our first literacy topic on the book 'Once There Were Giants'. They will also begin to learn how to label their bedroom and write lists of people in their family and lists of items in their bedroom. 

Spellings- Every two weeks, the children will bring home spellings to learn in their homework books. A copy of these spellings is in their yellow homework books.

Read, Write, Inc spellings- Every week the children will receive spellings from their RWI group. These will be in a blue small book, please can you ensure these books are brought back in ready for a spelling test the following Thursday. 

Reading: As with maths, your child will benefit from reading words in the environment. You can read stories to your child and ask them questions about the story.  Help them to hear and say sounds in words. Ask them to retell familar stories. Help them to practise correct letter formation to aid your child with their handwriting. Sing nursery rhymes and recite poems with them.


Topics for this term are: Families: Help your child to find out about past and present events in their own life, and in those of family members and other people s/he knows.Belonging The children will explore belonging to different groups and that Baptism is an invitation to belong to God’s family. Waiting: the children will explore the times that it is necessary to wait and the use of that time and that Advent is a time of waiting to celebrate Jesus’ coming at Christmas.


This term the children will learn about ‘Materials’. Through different scientific investigations the children will discover why materials are suitable for different purposes. They will also identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense, as well as identify and name a variety of common animals and fish. Throughout the year the children will be planting, growing and harvesting plants in our garden. They will learn to identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants. You can continue to encourage your child to ask questions about why things happen and how things work.


P.E will be taught twice a week on a Monday and a Wednesday by Miss Kent and coach Rose. Please make sure your child has their kit in for the whole of the term. They can leave their kit in school and take them home to wash during the holidays. It would also be a good idea if your child also included in their P.E. kit trainers for outside games


Our topic will be the local area. The children will draw maps and plans of places familiar to them as well as finding out about people who help them in school and the community. Throughout the year they will be learning about the Seasons. You can help your child by teaching them their address and asking them to describe their route to school.


The children will be learning about changes in their living memory and their own family generations such as grandparents and parents memories of growing up.

Design and Technology:

The children will be learning about healthy eating and nutrition and making various tasty dishes using the vegetables and herbs harvested from our garden throughout the year.


This term the children will be developing their singing voice and learning songs and rhymes. They will also learn how to keep and reinforce a steady beat.


General Information



Please make sure book bags are brought in every day so the children can put any letters and homework safely away as well as being heard read. Homework will be given out on a Monday and is to be returned on Thursday. This is so they can be marked and given out again the following week, as Mrs Lennon will be teaching the class on Fridays.

Reading books

Reading books will be changed once a week on a Tuesday and given back out on a Wednesday.  They do not need to be changed every day as it is important that your child is reading for meaning as well as purely reading the words. Ideally read the book with your child and then return to the book for another read but focus on the child’s understanding of the book. Can they tell you who the characters are? How are they feeling and why? Encourage them to share books with you and read their own books too. Please remember to write any reading in your child’s reading record book.

Reading club

Every Wednesday morning, parents are invited into class to share a book with their child.


Can I remind you that all clothes, shoes and bags need your child’s name clearly marked on.

Snack money remains at £1 a week for a healthy snack and baking activities.

Any feedback is appreciated and if you think we may have left any relevant information out of the newsletter that you feel would be useful in our next newsletter please don’t hesitate to tell us.

If you have anything that you need to discuss with your child’s teacher at length then please make an appointment and we will be only too happy to discuss any concerns.

Finally I would like to thank you for your continued support.


Miss Kent 







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