Nursery 2018 - 2019

Mrs Clayton


The staff and children at St Edmund's and St Thomas Nursery are always busy having lots of fun. On our pages you will find lots of things we have done and some of the things we are going to do.

Autumn Term 

Welcome to our new term. We are planning to do lots of excting things this term and learn lots of new things too. We will take part in Nursery Rhyme week later in the term (November) and will perform a Christmas Nativity for you in December.  The children are being encouraged to become independent in thier selfhelp skills-  putting their own coats on and finding where things go in our nursery. They are all learning to help to tidy the toys away when we have played with them. 

We love sharing stories, here are some that we will enjoy this term...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?

Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you hear?

The Tiger Who cam to tea

Hedgehog Howdedo- Lynley Dodd

Percy the Park keeper- The Balloon

The Blue Balloon – Mick Inkpen

Kippers Birthday- Mick Inkpen

Christmas story

It was a cold,dark night.

The Happy Hedgehog Band- Martin Wadell




 Our maths this term will focus on counting and looking at numbers. Why not try to spot lots of number when you are out and about.

We will explore the world around us looking for 2d and 3d shapes we know and naming them. - Look out for all the shapes you can find aroud the home.




The children love having their snack in nursery. They enjoy helping to get it ready and giving it out to their friends. We have milk every day and a piece of fruit: tomatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, pears and oranges. We try to bake on a weekly basis and rely on a voluntary contribution of £1 per week to be able to do this. 

Thank you for your contribution.


Come and See

Our first topic is Myself and lasts for 4 weeks- we learn that we all have a name and the God knows everyone by name. we will be looking at and talking about our names, who knows our name and  who gave us our name. The children will also recognise that thier name is special to lots of people.

Our next topic is welcome. The children learn how they are welcomed into a family, about who is in thier family and how they are welcomed into the Churches family through Baptism. It would be lovely if you could share pictures from their baptism or a baptism of someone that you know.During this Topic we will visit Church  to look at the font and the Easter candle. The children will talk about what happens at a baptism and bbegin to recognise some of the artifacts that are part o the celebration.

Our final topic is Birthdays. In this topic we will talk about what a Birthday is and how it is celebrated,  what advent is and how we get ready for Jesus's Birthday. The children will begin to recognise that christmas is Jesus's birthday and talk about the christmas story. 




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