Nursery 2020 - 2021

Mrs Smith

Nursery  2020

Mrs Smith

New Year Nursery News Letter


Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


Firstly, myself and Mrs McCombs would like to welcome our new intake of Nursery children and their parents. The children are already settling in and making new friends and getting to know the adults that work with them.  All the children have settled back into Nursery really well and are enjoying taking part in lots of activities and playing with their friends.


We have many exciting activities planned for the children this term. You will be able to see the things the children get up to and check on their progress through your Tapestry app. Please don’t hesitate to ask Mrs Smith if you are having problems accessing Tapestry.


During the Nursery day, there is always a balance of adult led focus and independent activities. The independent activities are called continuous provision. This continuous provision is enhanced by teachers weekly through class topic themes or interests that the children themselves express. If a child should have a particular interest, the class teachers will include these in their planning and provision for the children. This helps to make learning fun and purposeful for the children.


The children learn through, story, rhyme, songs and by being actively involved through creating, thinking critically, talking about their ideas and feelings, playing independently and with others and exploring their surroundings and environment.


Our topics over the next term are as follows:

Space, the season of Spring, Celebrations, Gathering, Growing.

Come and See

Celebrations: Discover what a celebration is and how people celebrate.

Why is celebrating important?

What is good about celebrating together?

Our Big Question  - What and why do people celebrate?

Gathering: Discover what activities children and families like to do together. How do we celebrate God’s love? How do we gather as a church or parish family?

Our Big Question—Why do people gather together?

 Growing: Recognise growth in nature.

How can you grow inside during Lent? What do you wonder about Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

Our Big Question—How and why do things grow?



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Adult led and independent activities will be set up to help the children in making relationships with their peers and teachers, grow in their self-confidence and self-awareness and managing their feelings and behaviour.

Physical Development

Children will be taking part in adult lead and independent activities designed to help develop their fine and gross motor skills such as, cutting and sticking activities, games to encourage them to skip, hop and travel in lots of different ways. They will take part in cooking activities and learn about healthy foods and not so healthy foods. They will learn why it is important to wash their hands before they eat food and after going to the toilet.


Communication and language

The children will continue to develop their listening skills through learning and singing new rhymes or songs and sharing lots of stories with each other and adults. Our new rhyme this term is Ring a Ring a Roses. Through play, rhyme, games and story the children will learn new words and be encouraged to use these new words when playing. They will be encouraged to use words like “first”, “next” and “then” when they are telling a story or telling others about something they have done.



Our literacy this term includes the books, Kipper’s Birthday, Aliens Love Underpants, The Aliens are coming, Whatever Next, Alien Tea on planet Zum Zee, Marshmallows for Martians, Chicken Licken, Hungry Hen, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Little Yellow Chick.

When your child is ready, they will take part in games, rhymes, songs and other activities  that encourage them hear and identify rhyming words, to hear first sounds in words and  write some letters of their name.



This term we will be learning about the numbers 6, 7 and 8. This will be done through, ICT and a practical activity such as songs, games, rhymes. They will be encouraged to use the language of more, fewer, altogether, add, take away, count, one more, one less.


Shape and measure


The children will continue to learn the names of simple shapes and talk about quantities, simple fractions E.G. half, and positional language. This will be done through purposeful and practical activities, rhymes, songs and stories. E.G. cutting their apple in half during snack or sorting all the shapes when tidying away.


Understanding the World:

People and communities

The children will learn that their friends might do things differently to how they do things, like living in a flat or living in a house. They will talk about things that they do that are the same as or different to their friends.


The world

The children will talk about, observe and explore how things such as buildings, plants, insects, animals and people look the same and how they look different. They will talk about and explore what things like plants and babies need to grow and how they change as they grow. They will observe how the season changes from winter to spring.



The children will use different types of technology like remote control toys, a CD player, a camera, a tablet and a computer program.


Exploring and using media and materials.

The children will be learning new songs such as Plant a Little seed, learning actions to rhymes and dances and use Instruments to make their own music. They will be encouraged to use their own ideas to change words, dance moves or rhythm. They will be learning new skills in art and learning to use different things like brushes, rollers, scissors or hole punches to make pictures and build things.


Being imaginative


We have a great craft area where the children can use different things like paint, paper and material to make their own pictures. They are encouraged to make models from junk materials and this term they will be taught the art of collage. The children will be dressing up and pretending to be other people such as people in the community and their favourite story characters. We will be helping and supporting the children to retell their favourite stories and act them out.  


 “Snack” money

 We ask for a voluntary donation of £1 per week/£6 per half term snack money. This money helps to fund activities such as baking, play dough making, food for celebrations (Chinese New Year, Christmas parties etc.), extra snack items so that we can offer the children a wider variety of healthy snacks, materials for our making area, new books for our library, caterpillars that will change into butterflies, eggs and an incubator package, plants for our lovely garden and many other things! You are welcome to pay snack money on a weekly basis or half termly.


Children’s clothes

We do have a small supply of spare clothing in nursery in case your child has an accident. It would be helpful if your child could bring some spare underwear with them to nursery as we often run out! Please can you ensure that all your children’s clothes including coats and shoes are clearly labelled, especially school uniform as it all looks the same!

The weather is still cold but we will continue to try to play outside as much as possible, even in the rain! Please make sure your child has a suitable coat with them that will keep them warm and dry. Your child can bring in their own wellington boots to keep in Nursery or we have a supply of wellies in our outdoor area that the children can wear, but they will need their own hat scarf and gloves. Remember to label these as well!



The children will be taking part in PE sessions this term in the school hall. It would be helpful if the children can come to school in pumps or trainers on PE days. We do have a small supply of black pumps that the children can use too. PE days are Wednesday morning and Friday morning.



Class Library

In our cloak room we have a box of books that we will regularly refresh. If you wish to borrow a book to share at home with your child then please feel free to take one but remember to sign it out in the log book provided. The same applies for returning the book.



It is great to see so many parents using Tapestry. Feedback has been very positive. Thank you for your comments, photos and videos! They are a lovely addition to your child’s profile, which is an exciting way of keeping track of your child’s development and their time with us.

If you haven’t already sent your Tapestry form to Mrs Smith, now is the time. Once Mrs Smith has your email she can send you a link. You will then be able to view and comment on your child’s profile.


Keeping our children safe.

We work hard to keep all our children safe in school. Staff will hand children over to parents personally or to a designated person who is already know to them. Parents are required to give the class teacher or office staff a password (who will then inform the class teacher) if their child is to be picked up by a person unknown to staff.  Your child will only to be handed over on presentation of the agreed password.

You can either let the staff know at the start of the session or ring the school office, which will pass the message on.


We hope that you and your children are enjoying their Nursery experience with us. If you have any concerns or worries please feel free to discuss them with us at the beginning or end of the sessions.



Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Smith – Class Teacher

Mrs McCombs – Class Nursery Nurse



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